Miniexcavadora R22-1 PRO

Product Advantages:
Factory store, you can go to the manufacturing facility for free.
Support bulk ordering with favorable prices.
The manufacturing facility has inventory and quickly delivery.
Customer carrier is on-line 24 hours a day.
Support ODM/OEM.
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R22-1 PRO is a newly launched small excavator with a cab by Rippa. This product is equipped with a Yanmar 380 engine. This engine has excellent design and brings powerful performance. It meets Euro 5 and EPA emission standards and is fuel-efficient and low-noise. , can achieve the characteristics of high power output, and its durability, safety and comfort have been fully upgraded. Excellent design provides powerful performance, improves work efficiency, and is more helpful for homework.

Retractable crawler tracks (optional): Considering the narrow approach road, telescopic specifications can be used. It can be shrunk to 1300mm when traveling and transporting, and can be expanded to 1500mm when working, making it suitable for different scenarios.

Ultra-small turning at the tail: Minimize the part beyond the outside of the track when turning, so that the machine can turn safely and reliably. Adaptable to various working environments, the operation is more convenient and sensitive.

Auxiliary equipment replacement mode: When replacing auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic quick changers, crushers, wood grabbers, etc., they can be easily replaced by just pressing a button, which is convenient and fast. If you like our products, please leave a message for consultation.

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