Miniexcavadora R32-2PRO

Product Advantages:
Factory store, you can go to the manufacturing facility for free.
Support bulk ordering with favorable prices.
The manufacturing facility has inventory and quickly delivery.
Customer carrier is on-line 24 hours a day.
Support ODM/OEM.
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R32-2PRO is Rippa’s new miniexcavadora with cab. This product is equipped with KubotaD1703 engine, this engine’s excellent and rigorous design brings powerful performance, greatly improves work efficiency, and also has the advantages of low fuel consumption, low vibration, and low noise. It takes the environment into consideration and is more environmentally friendly.

Automatic deceleration function: Equipped with an automatic driving deceleration function, when a load is applied while driving in 2nd gear, this function will automatically downshift to 1st gear to increase driving force. The driving speed can be changed manually through the button on the bulldozer joystick.

Heating and cooling air conditioning: Cab specifications are equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning as standard, which can always provide a comfortable working environment during driving.

Comfortable working space: Spacious empty cab, wide doors, easy to get on and off. The operation is smoother and the field of vision is larger during operation. A bright and comfortable space helps reduce operator stress and improve work efficiency.

Auxiliary equipment replacement mode: When replacing auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic quick changers, crushers, wood grabbers, etc., they can be easily replaced by just pressing a button, which is convenient and fast. If you like our products, please leave a message for consultation.

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