Large Excavator NDI 150

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In the same tonnage excavator, Rippa NDI 150-9L has excellent comprehensive performance equipment covering all the advantages of similar products. It is relatively small and flexible. The performance of the core components is enhanced on the original basis to create higher value for customers. NDI 150-9L is suitable for walking on relatively narrow roads and has a wide range of uses in areas with rugged terrain and small amounts of earthwork.Large crawler hydraulic excavator applicable to indoor demolition,toilet upgrading,engineering forcible entry,excavator barren hills,small earthwork,municipal projects,break concrete,dredging river and pther working environment.


weight(kg) 13920
bucket (m³) 0.27-0.76
boom length(mm)4602 4602
stick lenght(mm) 2900
swing speed(rpm) 11.9
walking speed(Km/h) 3.3-4.9
bucket digging force(KN) 77.3/81.4
stick digging force(KN) 57.7/63
engine model ISUZU4jj1
rated power(Kw/rpm) 75/1900
cooling method water cooling
Hydraulic system
main pump type variable axialpis ton pump
main pump flow(L/min) 2*116
main overflow setting pressure(Mpa) 32.4/34.3
walking hydraulic circuit(Mpa) 34.4
rotary hydraulic circuit(Mpa) 27.2
Mainbody size
total length(mm) 7702
total width(mm) 2602
total height(mm) 2982
Cabin height(mm) 2832
Upper width(mm) 2492
Body to ground distance(mm) 922
Crawler length(mm) 3497
crawler palte width(mm) 602
Crawler width(mm) 2600
Crawler rail distance(mm) 2000
Minimum ground distance(mm) 408
tail radius of gyration(mm) 2202
Work range
maximum diggign range(mm) 8742
ground maximum digging range(mm) 8602
maximum digging depth(mm) 6132
maximum digging height(mm) 8952
ground crawler length(mm) 6532
Maximum digging vertical wall depth(mm) 4652

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This excavator is a large excavator and is suitable for large-scale projects. Such as mining, quarrying, large-scale foundation engineering construction, large-scale construction site construction, forest operations, etc. In addition, our excavators are also equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment to meet various operating scenarios in large-scale engineering construction.
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