Large Excavator NDI360

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Flexible operability is at the heart of the job. The NDI360 excavator utilizes the best Korean hydraulic system. The driver can distribute the oil evenly according to the operation requirements, so that the power arm, the stick and the bucket can be operated flexibly, quickly and efficiently. Realize what you really want.

Designed for Chinese mines and large earthworks customers, the NDI360 is designed for high weight, large width and stable base. The bucket is large and the work efficiency is high, which reduces fuel consumption and increases profits for customers.


weight(kg) 38102
bucket (m³) 1.70-1.91
boom length(mm) 6052
stick lenght(mm) 2902
swing speed(rpm) 8.4
walking speed(Km/h) 2.8-5.0
bucket digging force(KN) 254.8
stick digging force(KN) 202
engine model 1 DoosanDE12
rated power(Kw/rpm) 202/1800
engine model 2 Isuzu6HK1
rated power(Kw/rpm) 212/1800
cooling method water cooling
Hydraulic system
main pump type variable axial
main pump flow(L/min) 2*284
main overflow setting pressu 27.9/34.3
walking hydraulic circuit(Mpa) 34.4
rotary hydraulic circuit(Mpa) 29.5
Mainbody size
total length(mm) 11382
total width(mm) 3352
total height(mm) 3722
cabin height(mm) 3202
Body to ground distance(mm) 1252
Crawler length(mm) 4977
crawler palte width(mm) 600
ground crawler length(mm) 4052
Crawler rail distance(mm) 2752
Minimum ground distance(mm) 547
tail radius of gyration(mm) 3532
Work range
maximum diggigng distance(mm) 10847
maximum diggigng distance(mm) 10637
maximum digging depth(mm) 7137
maximum digging height(mm) 10102
maximum unloading height(mm) 7182
maximum digging vertical wall depth(mm) 3812

1.  Strengthening of main frame structure
The section is enlarged, the material is optimized andadjusted, the plate thickness is thickened, and the servicelife is increased;
2.  X-shaped support, one-time formingnon splicingThe upper plate, the lower plate and the connecting rodof the chassis are all designed as a whole, effectivelyimproving the cracking problem caused by poor weldingin the field.

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