Rippa R915T Telescopic Boom Loader

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R915T telescopic boom loader has telescopic arm and forklift functions. Usually used for high-altitude operations, the goods can be forklifted to a higher position, and the telescopic arm structure can be used to reach higher.

(1.0 Transmission System
Hydraulic converter + drive shaft + Isuzu axles(Drum brake)
3.0 Bucket
(1) Bucket Capacity: 0.65 m³
(2) Bucket width: 1700mm
(3) Bucket type:Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
(5) Rated Load:1500kg including attachment
2.0 Overall Dimensions
(1) Overall Length: 5900mm
(2) Overall Height: 2710mm
(3) Overall Width: 1800mm
(4) Max. Lifting Height: 4700mm
(5)Max. Bucket hinge pin height: 4200mm
(6)Max. Unloading Height: 3600mm

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