Chinese Wheel Loader R920T

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The R920T telescopic arm loader’s cargo forks can perform forklift operations over obstacles and through openings, and can stack and depalletize multiple rows of goods under complex working conditions. This equipment makes full use of the characteristics of the telescopic arm structure, allowing the loader to adapt to more work scenarios.


1.0 Transmission System

Hydraulic converter + gearbox+drive shaft + hub reduction axles(disc brake)

2.0 Bucket

(1) Bucket Capacity: 1m³

(2) Bucket width: 1900mm

(3) Bucket type:Heavy-duty bolt on teeth

(5) Rated Load: 2000kg including attachment or bucket

3.0 Overall Dimensions

(1) Overall Length: 6600mm

(2) Overall Height:2800mm

(3) Overall Width: 2050mm

(4) Max. lifting Height:5000mm

(5) Lifting to bucket hinge pin Height:4500mm

(6) Bucket Unloading Height:3950mm

(7) Unloading Distance:  1950mm(Arm extended)

(8) Min Turning Radius: 4600mm(The right front wheel)

Min Turning Radius: 2300mm(The left rear wheel)

4.0 Operating Specifications

(1) Steering System: Articulated Frame with hydraulic power steering

(2) Driving System: Hydraulic converter, four wheel drive

(3) Hydraulic pilot joystick, quick hitch

6.0 Brake System

(1) Service Brake:Safer air assist disc brake braking system

(2) Parking Brake:Hand operated(Disc brakes)

5.0 Tire

Model:16/70-20 Optional Model:16/70-20 Herringbone tire

6.0 Wheelbase: 2500mm

7.0 Track: 1700mm

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