R935T Telescopic Boom Loader

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The advantages of the R935T telescopic arm loader include: large effective working distance and high working height; strong obstacle surmounting ability; easy operation and good safety performance; strong adaptability, saving labor and economic costs

1.0 Transmission System

Hydraulic converter + gearbox drive shaft + hub reduction axles

Two-forwards and Two-backwards gears; Maximum speed:30km/h

2.0 Bucket

(1) Bucket Capacity: 1.2m³

(2) Bucket width: 1700-2000mm

(3) Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth

3.0 Overall Dimensions

(1) Overall Length:7160mm

(2) Overall Height:2960mm

(3) Overall Width: 2360mm

4.0 Operating Specifications

(1) Steering System: Articulated frame with hydraulic power steering

(2) Min Turning Radius: 5900mm

(3) Driving System: Hydraulic converter, four-wheel drive

(4) Max. lifting height (to bucket hinge pin):6000mm

(5) Max. dumping height: 5300mm

(6) Max. tilting degree of the boom: 67°

(7) Max. rated load (Boom not extended at all): 3500kg

(8) Max. rated load (Boom extended fully): 2000kg

5.0 Brake System

(1) Service Brake: Safer air assist disc brake braking system

(2) Parking Brake: Hand operated(Disc brakes)

6.0 Tire

Model:15-25(2)Width: 440mm  (3)Diameter: 1280mm

7.0 Wheelbase: 2430mm

8.0 Track: 1700mm

9.Operation weight:7800KG

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